Valhalla+ is a Class III gaming platform with a core developed in C++. The robust foundation of the core provides the features necessary to meet the many regulatory requirements of a gaming platform.

Our platform dominates typical gaming platforms!

Typical Gaming Platform

Gaming Platform


  • Cryptographic Random Number Generator (RNG)
  • Concurrent wagering on multiple games
  • Multi-game configuration
  • Separated game & core files
  • Support for off-the-shelf embedded PC boards
  • Multi-jurisdictional approved security & validation
  • Large flash based NVRAM
  • Stand-alone multiple progressive groups & levels
  • Simple service & setup screens
  • Industry standard and custom peripheral support
  • SAS 6.02 support

Along with Valhalla+, Casino Game Maker offers an accompanying Game Development Kit LOKI. LOKI further enhances the ability to quickly create and deploy Class III games. Learn more about LOKI here.

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