Mega Magnet

by Casino Game Maker

Attract jackpots and magnetic wilds in Mega Magnet! Higher bet levels unlock more jackpots, which can be won in the bonus game triggered by the Mega Magnet. Shift Symbols change values based on player bet level. In the freespin bonus, the Mega Magnet turns all wilds into 'magnetic wilds' where they will remain on the reels for the duration of the bonus.

About Mega Magnet

Play 50 lines with up to 4 jackpots unlocked. The SHIFT symbol changes value based on the bet level. With higher bets leading to a higher symbol value. Play max bet to unlock all jackpots and the highest SHIFT symbol values.

The BONUS GAME is triggered randomly by the MEGA MAGNET. The MEGA MAGNET will reveal gift boxes and the player will choose just one to open. Unlocked jackpots are hidden inside gift boxes in the BONUS GAME.

In the FREESPIN BONUS, the MEGA MAGNET transforms every wild that lands on the reels into a MAGNETIC WILD. MAGNETIC WILDS stay in their same landing position on the reels for the duration of the FREESPIN BONUS.

Mega Magnet's Features

  • Freespin Bonus with Magnetic Wilds
  • Bonus Game
  • Up to 4 Jackpots Available
  • Shift Symbol

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