Launch of New Business in Las Vegas: Casino Game Maker, Inc. Introduces New Innovative Products

Casino Game Maker, Inc. announced today the official launch of their operation in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company will focus on game content, design and deploying innovative technologies for casino industry. The new company leverages the experience of its founders to create products and services for the rapidly changing gaming market.

The company plans to unveil its Starling based gaming platform, which will enable rapid game deployment in multiple land based casinos in the U.S. and abroad.

“I am very excited about Casino Game Maker, Inc. and all the products and services it can offer its customers. Casino Game Maker, Inc. is all about rapid game development, rapid deployment, and a quick time to market approach to business. I feel strongly that we bring the relationships, engineering skills, and a down to earth style of business that can help any company we work with thrive in a gaming environment,” said Darin Gifford, CTO of Casino Game Maker, Inc.

The company will also offer wide-ranging services in areas of hardware design, software, proof of concept development, and compliance testing.

“As we beginning to recognize that playing on multiple devices adds to player entertainment value our products aim to simplify the game development and approval process across multiple platforms and jurisdictional compliance,” said Andrzej Surmacz, the President of Casino Game Maker, Inc.

About Casino Game Maker, Inc.

Casino Game Maker, Inc. is based in Las Vegas, Nevada

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