Fate of the Jade Dragon

by Casino Game Maker

Players can choose their fate and play up to 3 separate games at once in Fate of the Jade Dragon. Flash Money symbols allow wins to be spread across all of the games. Jumping Wild frog symbols appear in the freespins to duplicate wilds across higher games for more wins!

About Fate of the Jade Dragon

3 separate 3x5 reel games are available. The player can choose to play 1, 2, or all 3 games at once!

The FLASH MONEY symbol is a scatter symbol that appears in each of the 3 games. Get up to 9 symbols spread across the 3 games to win big!

The FREESPIN BONUS is won when 3 or more Freespin Scatter Symbols appear in a specific 3x5 reel game. When the FREESPIN BONUS is active, all Wild Symbols become JUMPING WILD symbols! JUMPING WILD symbols appearing in the lower 3x5 reel games will jump up and become a wild in the upper 3x5 reel games.

Fate of the Jade Dragon's Features

  • Play up to three 3x5 reel games at the same time.
  • Flash Money Symbols
  • Up to 729 Ways to win
  • Jumping Wild Symbols in the Freespins Bonus

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