Casino Game Maker specializes in gaming solutions for land-based casinos. Our expertise includes platform design, compliance review, system integration and EGM manufacturing.

We provide designers with a powerful game development platform, the latest design technologies, open source tools, and the support and services needed.

Casino Game Maker’s development studio offers innovation to casino operators including a wide selection of games and an accelerated time to market; all at a significantly lower cost.


Casino Game Maker, Inc. is comprised of Southern Utah’s sharpest minds in storytelling, coding, art, and strategy. Get to know the people behind Casino Game Maker, Inc.




Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer


Software Developer


Lead Tester

Dre Freden

Game Designer/Graphic Artist

Heber Cooke

Lead Tester | Software Developer

Heber is a software developer undergraduate. He loves the creative process and is fascinated with knowing the logic behind what makes things work. He is constantly striving to learn and grow in his software development career. Heber enjoys scuba diving and being near the ocean.

He also loves watching chemistry videos and space exploration news.

Josh Hess

Software Engineer

Josh Hess is currently a student at Southern Utah University working to obtain a triple bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Pure Mathematics, and Philosophy. The many programming languages he has become acquainted with include C#, Java, C/C++, Python, AS3, PostgreSQL, Swift, Pascal, and Latex. He hopes to master the many others programming languages he is sure to encounter. Josh has a passion for board games, tinkering with electronics and debating free will. However, above all else, he enjoys the creative process wherever it manifests itself; from crafting video games and solving Rubik’s cubes to fabricating philosophical proofs and writing poetry.

Amy Gifford

Senior Software Engineer

Amy Gifford graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southern Utah University in April 2016 with a double Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics. While in school, Amy was chosen as the top female student in the College of Science and Engineering for the 2014-2015 school year. Amy previously served as the President of the Math Club at SUU and her mathematics research paper has been published in the Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal. Amy has programmed in Java, C++, Python, and ActionScript3. In her free time, Amy enjoys spending time with her family, playing the piano, and reading.

Zhi Li

Senior Software Engineer

Zhi Li received his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and Technology from Shandong University in China and a Master’s of Science in Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering from Old Dominion University.

Zhi became a research assistant in MSVE Department at Old Dominion University, where he joined a project from U.S. Department of Energy Ames Laboratory. His research interests include computer graphics, game design, transportation simulation and high-performance computing.

Mirko Andric

Product Visualization Engineer

Mirko Andric joined the Casino Game Maker team as a freelance artist in March, 2015. He has been drawing since childhood and has had many successful exhibitions. Mirko graduated from the University of Banja Luka with a Bachelor of Design in 2013.

Luke Wells

Graphic Designer Illustrator

Luke Wells is an illustration artist from Southern Utah. He is constantly seeking to learn and understand new things, forever taking inspiration from experiences and creators alike; then using his imagination to form his art.

Brian Dalley

Director of Engineering

Brian Dalley has over 10 years of engineering experience and has been working in the gaming industry since 2006. As an Integrated Engineer, he has a vast skill set that has allowed him to work on a wide range of engineering projects. He is equally adept at mechanical or electrical design as he is at software design and development. Combining his skills have allowed him to gain experience working with every aspect of a gaming device.

Brian has worked on platform development, created new electronic solutions, designed mechanical prototypes and enclosures and is an expert in system communication using the SAS protocol.

Darin Gifford


Darin Gifford graduated from the university of Nevada-Las Vegas with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He has worked in the gaming industry for 30 years.

Darin has worked for various gaming and amusement manufacturers, including Universal Distributing of Nevada (Aruze), Sega Gaming, Sigma Game and Advanced Gaming Solutions. This experience has given Darin a solid understanding of both hardware and software systems.

During the last 15 years, Darin has created several coin-op/amusement companies and brought to market several amusement games, including two that were tested in Chuck E. Cheese. He has worked closely with several manufacturers including Mattel, Jersey Jack Pinball, Elaut USA, Andamiro, and Coast to Coast Entertainment.

Andrzej Surmacz


Andrzej Surmacz has served in the gaming, online and video lottery industry verticals for over 25 years, both at the domestic and international levels. Before founding CGM in 2014, Andrzej led such industry stalwarts as IGT and GTECH in numerous executive roles. His roles ranged from Vice President of Video Lottery Systems to leading business developments in Europe and Asia.

Andrzej’s years of experience in the growing technology fronts of the gaming industry, aligned with the knowledge of the growing domestic and international markets, led him to see the tremendous opportunity for next-generation game development. Thus, CGM was formed.

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